AES Archive Password Recovery Utility


Why does it says that my RAR file is not supported ?

Probably because the block headers which contains data such as filenames are not encrypted. If the archive was not created with the option "encrypt filenames", then it's not yet supported. A test you can do to see if the file names are encrypted or not is to open the file in Winrar. If it display the list of files, then it's not supported. If it ask you for a password straightway, then you should be able to use this utility.

Will you support v2 RAR archive ?

Probably not.

Will AAPR support file whose filename are not encrypted ?

Maybe. I would like to but it's massively more difficult to do since in that case you must uncompress the encrypted file to know if your password is correct or not. I would need to add a Rar unpacking function. There is such a library at http://www.unrarlib.org/ that I could use but it does not support RAR v3. If they add support, I'll add this feature.

Why is it so slow ?

This utility aim at recovering password for AES encrypted archive. However AES is very computationally demanding and each tries requires a lot of work by the computer. For a brute-force attack, the number of password tested by seconds could be between 10 and 30. If the password is long, then it could take very long. There is nothing that can be done. I recommend to always try a dictionary attack before falling back to brute-force.

Latest version : v0.01


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